Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of EALP?

EALP means Earn And Learn Program.

How can I benefit from EALP?

You can benefit from EALP in two ways – Earning and Learning.

Is the program free to join?

Yes the program is absolutely free to join.

Is EALP all online or do I have to go anywhere?

Don’t worry it’s all online.

Ok tell me more about it

Alright let’s understand this program in detail now. If at any point you think you want to ask something please mail at

Details: We have a lot of online communities which we call forums. A full list of all the forums can be found at

On each forum we get a lot of questions from visitors for example “Which course is better to join between M.Tech and MBA?”, now we can’t answer them all ourselves, so we launched this program called EALP. What it does is, it allows people like you to answer such questions by giving you opportunity to earn money while doing so. And creating answers will naturally increase your knowledge. This way, everyone gets benefitted. Askers get their queries answered. Members like you get to learn a lot and earn money.

But what’s your benefit?

We are an online media company. Getting answers to visitors’ questions increases our forums’ value. We earn money through advertisements and affiliates. We keep some share of that money and distribute major part of it to the participants like you. Like I said above, everyone gets benefitted this way.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit. Your earnings depend upon your dedication, honesty and hard work. We distribute lakhs of Rupees every month among members. Really.

But how do I make sure you are genuine?

We have been running this program for more than half a decade. Please check our results page to see previous results and also see our facebook page.

Ok I am convinced. How do I start?

Your first step should be going to then select any of the forums. Register on that forum (free) if you aren’t already registered.

Once registered, go through the list of questions and start answering. At any time you will be able to see your current ranking at You can participate in multiple forums at the same time, but I’d suggest you to start with only one in the beginning.

When is EALP organized? Is it a continuous program?

Yes it a continuos program. It is still divided into ‘Sessions’. Each month has two sessions of 15 days each. First session starts from 1st of every month and second session starts from 16th of every month. Results of first session are announced on the mid-night of 15th, and results of second session are announced on the midnight of last of the month.

How will I get my payment?

After winning in a session you will be asked to fill a very small online form through which you will submit your bank account details (Account number, Account Holder’s Name, Bank Name and IFSC code). It takes just a few minutes and is very easy. We’ll guide you through it.

What will be the mode of payment?

Online transfer through NEFT.

When will I get my payment?

Within 7 days of results announcement. For example if the results are announced on 15th, you’ll have the money in your account by 22nd.

How do I claim my Consolation Prize?

Consolation prizes of Rs 100/- each are given to Members who remain in top-100 but do not end up winning in a session. The consolation prizes remain secured with us until you win in any of the upcoming sessions. When we dispatch your payment for the session in which you stood a rank in top-30, we will add all previous pending consolation prizes of that forum to that amount.

Who can participate in EALP?

Any citizen of India. No age restrictions. No qualification restrictions.

Who do I contact if I have to ask something?

Every forum has a dedicated staff. Their username is ‘Support’, you can visit their profile and send them a message. They usually reply within 24 hours or less.