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What Are These Scholarships? - Check here for details

1st Rank---- Rs.1100/-
2nd Rank---- Rs.1050/-
3rd Rank---- Rs.1000/-
4th Rank---- Rs.950/-
5th Rank---- Rs.900/-
6th Rank---- Rs.850/-
7th Rank---- Rs.800/-
8th Rank---- Rs.750/-
9th Rank---- Rs.700/-
10th Rank---- Rs.650/-
11th Rank---- Rs.600/-
12th Rank---- Rs.550/-
13th Rank---- Rs.500/-
14th Rank---- Rs.450/-
15th Rank---- Rs.400/-
16th Rank---- Rs. 350/-
17th Rank---- Rs. 300/-
18th Rank---- Rs. 250/-
19th Rank---- Rs. 200/-
20th Rank---- Rs. 150/-

And 80 consolations prizes of Rs. 100/- each to members ranking from 21st to 100th.

Note: To check results Check Here.

Ranking: Top 20 members will get the Scholarships. Read more Here. Members ranking from 21st to 100th rank will get consolation prize of Rs. 100/- each.

A member can be banned permanently if he/she tries to post useless/copied answers just to increase the points.

After every few days we check your answers for quality and guidelines compliance. Your points per answer increase/decrease based on that.

About Points:
  • Points are given to you instantly when you post an answer.
  • All the answers go to moderation, where moderators check every answer and approve or delete accordingly.
  • If any of your posts get deleted by moderator, points for those deleted posts will be taken back.
  • Points-Per-Answer you get depends upon what moderators think about your answers.

Our prize money has changed please look at the top of this page. This notice will disappear in a few days.
Rank Username Points
1 piya1617 738
2 Hera tabrez 725
3 zzaza 389
4 ME471 360
5 Ayesha baig 204
6 osmin 164
7 Muskan 0786 104
8 pearlrana 84
9 cookie1902 80
10 BrahmaRakshash💀💀 50
11 NeptuneSpear 50
12 karthiiti 35
13 Kushal7778 25
14 Blessmegod 25
15 shantanu bose 18
16 noah8293 15
17 Naresh199 12
18 vimalsharma1 10
19 geniehelpmechd2577 10
20 Fiels85 10
21 ESAKKI.R 10
22 Aiman Afifa 7
23 Prmconnector 5
24 ValeryLess 5
25 neodino2022 5
26 nolf 5
27 yvsinstitute 5
28 Ritujanjuha 5
29 Deadman11145 4