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What Are These Scholarships? - Check here for details

1st Rank---- Rs.1100/-
2nd Rank---- Rs.1050/-
3rd Rank---- Rs.1000/-
4th Rank---- Rs.950/-
5th Rank---- Rs.900/-
6th Rank---- Rs.850/-
7th Rank---- Rs.800/-
8th Rank---- Rs.750/-
9th Rank---- Rs.700/-
10th Rank---- Rs.650/-
11th Rank---- Rs.600/-
12th Rank---- Rs.550/-
13th Rank---- Rs.500/-
14th Rank---- Rs.450/-
15th Rank---- Rs.400/-
16th Rank---- Rs. 350/-
17th Rank---- Rs. 300/-
18th Rank---- Rs. 250/-
19th Rank---- Rs. 200/-
20th Rank---- Rs. 150/-

And 80 consolations prizes of Rs. 100/- each to members ranking from 21st to 100th.

Note: To check results Check Here.

Ranking: Top 20 members will get the Scholarships. Read more Here. Members ranking from 21st to 100th rank will get consolation prize of Rs. 100/- each.

A member can be banned permanently if he/she tries to post useless/copied answers just to increase the points.

After every few days we check your answers for quality and guidelines compliance. Your points per answer increase/decrease based on that.

About Points:
  • Points are given to you instantly when you post an answer.
  • All the answers go to moderation, where moderators check every answer and approve or delete accordingly.
  • If any of your posts get deleted by moderator, points for those deleted posts will be taken back.
  • Points-Per-Answer you get depends upon what moderators think about your answers.

Our prize money has changed please look at the top of this page. This notice will disappear in a few days.
Rank Username Points
1 ashishboudha 430
2 Hera tabrez 324
3 piya1617 315
4 Aradrika Sharma 111
5 bahis siteleri 105
7 Ulna 56
8 osmin 29
9 ajjuravi 23
10 pearlrana 21
11 arneflix 10
12 gyanguide45 10
13 Mythreyi1990 10
14 Aparna rai. 5
15 infocus619 5
16 bobby0602 5
17 Tcstrackings 5
18 AlexFors 5
19 accelerationtraningcenter 5
20 Jpmania138 5
21 pacificworldschool 5