Please follow these guidelines while posting:

  1. Post helpful answers.
  2. Do not copy answers or discussions from other sites.
  3. Do not use SMS language.
  4. Use proper English, correct spellings and grammar.
  5. Do not use abusive language.
  6. Do not use all capital letters, that is: DON’T SHOUT.
  7. Links to only official websites of Institutions and Organizations are permissible. If you give links to some other site, your post or thread can be deleted.
  8. Do not copy or rewrite other members’ answers.
  9. Do not post wrong information.
  10. Do not post 3-4 words answers. You should have details in your posts.
  11. Do not give answers like “Search this on Google, you’ll find it”. People who ask questions, come here after searching Google.
  12. You can not promote any product/services/coaching etc. if you have any affiliation with them.
  13. Do not write things like ‘Dear friend’ or ‘All the best’ or ‘Best of luck’ etc.
  14. You can post only on those threads which have zero replies.